Our music

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Mid-tempo instrumental bluegrass, with the hint of an alient abduction.

Solo banjo. Very fast, driving bluegrass banjo with great broken tempo stabs.

Piano, light drums. Witty, mid-tempo stride piano with light drums in a tribute to the great Fats Waller.  1:28 to 1:59 - stop time section with drum 'soft shoe' brushes. Recorded circa 1998.

Slow, hard and deliberate acoustic guitar. Dischordant, and melancholy.

Adagio strings.

Duration 6 seconds. African vocal stab.

Duration 5 seconds. African vocal stab.

Duration 4 seconds. African vocal stab.

Duration 10 seconds. Single powerful percussive beat with prolonged African vocal "Ay-o", plus ambient sounds.

Duration 22 seconds. Almost entirely ambient jungle sounds, slightly spooky.

Duration 9 seconds. African percussion sting.

Duration 7 seconds. African vocal chorus sting.

Duration 11 seconds. Soothing, male-dominant African vocal cadence sting, with xylophone tail-off.

Duration 10 seconds. Powerful African male vocal cadence with xylophone tail-off.

Tribal flute and African choir with powerful percussion. High-spirited.

Duration 39 seconds.  Ambient and hypnotic chill out motif hinting at devastation after the storm has passed.

Smooth and dreamy drum & bass with possibly the last vocals from Diane Charlemagne, who tragically died in October 2015. Main vocal line "Don't look down".

Slick vocal house/EDM, with pitched-down vocals, and strong melodic theme.

Emotive underscore with warm strings, piano and downtempo beats. 

Mid-tempo ambient chillout bed. Simple piano chord structure, with upper melody and effects, creating a track with light suspense as well as momentum.