Film/TV Services

Having the right music in your production can make a dramatic difference to the success of that production. That music might have already been written, or you may be looking to commission new music. Either way, we can help you navigate your way to the best solution.

Getting clearance for pre-existing music can be a complex and time-consuming process, particularly when it comes to older popular songs, which may have split rights ownership across different territories. The aim is to get the right music at the right price. We can take care of the liaison, negotiation, and contractual aspects involved in getting clearance.

The right music might not be pre-recorded, however; a project may well require specially commissioned music (most obviously titles and stings, but additional incidental music is often required), in order to give the production a more solid identity. Production companies often look for pitches from several media composers before deciding on the right composer for a project. Through our long-standing links to some of the UK’s top media composers, as well as some of the bright young things making a name for themselves in this highly competitive arena, we are well placed to orchestrate these pitches for you.

If you are commissioning music, then you will want to own it (so far as legally possible). Today, most production companies (and in this age of content that term includes all content creators) are seeking to ensure that they own the rights to their commissioned music, since the publishing income can be significant. We are well versed in contracting and administering publishing rights for production companies, having represented companies such as 12 Yard Productions, Bulleye TV, Oxford Film Company, and Trisha Goddard.

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