Haxton's individual blend of songwriting and deep techno electronica instantly transports you to the furthest reaches of your imagination. His desire to break genre boundaries saw him team up with poet/songwriter, Lawrence Illseley, and together they formed post-punk rock-electronica outfit, The Eductation. However, the band evolved more into the traditional indie set-up and Haxton left to concentrate on electronica and solidifying his production skills. With a solid grounding as a DJ in the techno scene, he has been producing sophisticated dance music for over 10 years, and the best is yet to come. Now ready to perform as an artist in his own right, we are working closely with Haxton to ensure he hits the ground running, and his music gets the reception it deserves. 


Total: 6

Blissful and hypnotic down-tempo chillout song (vocals by Haxton).

Unsettling and eerie and yet somehow soothing chillout song with a circus/fairytale/twisted dreamscape vibe.

Mesmerising electronica/vocal techno from Haxton. Super-synchable, killer track.

Trippy and mechanical, complex and driving prog house track.

Set-back vocals over alternative chilled ambient soundscape with elements of drum and bass. 

Poetic lyrics over driving but atmostpheric house/chillout track. Totally addictive.