Matthew Sheeran


Matthew Sheeran (brother of Ed Sheeran) is a violinist, viola player, arranger and composer. He brings a rich musical family history to his composition; Benjamin Britton wrote pieces for his grandmother to sing. We are delighted to have here a selection of his music to offer for library purposes.

Total: 38

Slow, hard and deliberate acoustic guitar. Dischordant, and melancholy.

Adagio strings.

Mid-tempo ambient chillout bed. Simple piano chord structure, with upper melody and effects, creating a track with light suspense as well as momentum.

Mid-tempo amient bed with upper register synth-vocal melody over rhythmic tonic bass pattern.

Mid-tempo ambient bed of sonic effects with sparser sections and sections with more percussion (gentle house beat). 

Slow synth chords, very Twin Peaks.

Slow, panoramic, wide-lens amped guitar over atmospheric sound effects. Moody and evocative.

Trippy and euphoric festival chillout, like Glastonbury in the good old days. 

Restrained trance riff delivered as chillout, creating subtle momentum/drama.

Laid back/early morning chillout, carried by the bass line, with nice atmospheric melody soaring above.

Light but emotive piano-led piece with faint warming strings. In addition to other genres, would also suit TV commercials.

Understated emotion, built on a hopeful piano melody with warming strings.

Reflective piano with accompanying viola. Thoughtful, restful, and romantic.

Piano and flute combine to create a very light and pretty reflective piece.

Restrained piano-led tension undescore.

Slow and unsettling chords and effects with intermittent kit drums. Reminiscent of the 'Collateral' film.

Cosmic-tinged tension underscore which gradually builds. Stealth and suspense, but with momentum. 

Slow chords and effects creating an eerie, atmospheric underscore.

Dark and descending tension bed.

Slow drone of low strings and upper harmonics evoking a haunting desert landscape.