DaGeneral is a DJ and producer born from a love of ‘90s rave culture who has enjoyed rocking dance floors all over the UK since the late ‘90s. He soon settled into Tech-House and Techno, with Progressive influences, taking his unique style across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

DaGeneral has played at Judgement Day, Hardcore Temptation, Housexy, and been in residence at Frantic Friday, Equinox, and B Se-Lek Live. He has played alongside numerous notable DJs in the scene including Mark EG, Chuck-E, Phutek, Jon The Dentist, Blue Amazon, Shade of Rhythm, and Oliver Lieb.

After a near-fatal injury a few years ago, DaGeneral has been making up for lost ground, going from strength to strength on the production front over the last two years. 2016 saw tracks released on Bunk3r R3cords, Pro B Tech, Layer 909, Kaskaderi, Mirabilis, Se-Lek, Variant Electronic, Dope, Twisted, and his own General Surgery label; in 2017 he had releases out on Mirabilis, Se-Lek, Reflect Records, Groovant, Drum Tunnel, Static Music, General Surgery, Phunk Traxx, Aerotek Recordings, GUI Records, BTechNoir, and Blue Monkey Recordings. Many of these releases have placed in the Top 10 on various Beatport charts.

2017 also saw the launch of Iconic Underground Magazine, an online magazine serving the underground dance world, of which DaGeneral is a director and editor. DaGeneral also became a director of Se-Lek Music Group in 2017, a joint venture involving DaGeneral, Lee Softley (Blue Amazon) and Victoria Ball (Perfect Promotions). It is a multi-disciplined venture that includes a record label, a compilation album label, a weekly radio show, and branded club nights.

After a successful debut album on General Surgery in 2017 in collaboration with Bageera, "The World Is Not Real", DaGeneral is working on a solo album for 2018 which is expected in the summer.






Total: 4

Chic and hypnotic techno from DaGeneral, with male vocals.

Whimsical, atmospheric and uplifting techno from DaGeneral & Bageera, with female vocals.

DaGeneral gives us a heady blast of techno with dreamy vocals.

DaGeneral delivers another storming, upbeat techno track with sumptuous synth, piano, brass and vocal stabs.